Too Much Junk Mail ? 3 Tips on Busting That Junk

While some people are happy to get news about promotions and new products or services through the mail, others find receiving a lot of marketing material through the post very annoying. The amount of junk mail sent out has diminished

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5 Tips For A Romantic Poem For Valentines Day

Sometimes the simplest things make the most romantic gestures. If you are looking for something sweet and lovely to show your love this Valentine’s Day then you should definitely consider writing your own love poem. A love poem is a

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5 Natural Winter Hair Care Tips

5 Natural Winter Hair Care Tips Winter is in full force in many places around the country. It is the time of the year that most people prefer staying indoors in front of the television or reading a book with

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Recovery Tips: What To Look For In Choosing A Sponsor

In recovery, your sober community provides the foundation upon which you can build a new life. Involvement in the 12 Step fellowship is a great way to stay connected with people to call when you need support, and to affirm

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Extreme Gardening Tips

When people think of extreme gardening many people think of the “gardening guru” and his book on, “How to Grow Organic in the Hostile Deserts.” But you don’t need to live in the deserts of the Middle East to find

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Three Great Tips To Stop A Fall


For many falling over is never a worry. When we are young we just pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. For the elderly this is not always the cases, a fall can lead to many medical conditions and can

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