5 Ways To Beat The Chill And Warm Up Your Interior This Winter

At this time of year we traditionally spend more of our time indoors, so it’s important to create a cosy and inviting interior. By making small changes to our home environment, we can create the perfect haven to relax in during the chilliest months of the year.

These changes don’t have to be expensive. In fact, even the smallest additions to your home can make a significant impact. We’ve put together a list of our favourite low cost tips and techniques, so you can spend the coldest months in style. Good luck!

Rusty colours- Feeling warm and snug can be just as much psychological as it is physical. Variations of reds, browns, yellows and purples have strong associations with heat, so your brain will automatically make this connection. Even small accessories such as table runners in the dining room, cushions in the bedroom, or drinks coasters in the living room, will all add the perfect finishing touches to your environment.

Woollen rugs – Woollen rugs suit traditional or contemporary interiors and they provide an attractive focal point. In a light interior, you can use a rug to create a colourful statement that will brighten up your living room. If your interior has a slightly warmer colour scheme, such as reds or browns, you can choose a neutral shade to add to the feeling of comfort. If your budget can stretch to this, pick out an accent colour in the rug and buy cushions to match, as this will instantly make your living room feel snug.

Layering lighting with table lamps – With the evenings getting darker earlier, indoor lighting now takes centre stage. Just one feature ceiling light isn’t enough to provide adequate light and warmth. Instead, it’s important to layer your lighting with floor standing or table lamps as this will give your home a cosier feel. Table lamps are a beautiful feature in their own right, so use them to add the personal touch to your bedroom or living room.

A Fireplace or wood-Burner - A traditional fireplace can work even in a very modern home. The combination of an old fireplace and a contemporary interior creates a unique style, where the fire becomes the focus of the living room. On top of the aesthetic benefits, real log fires generate warmth and create an environment that is romantic and uplifting when the outside temperature plummets. If you have one that you are not using, now is the time to get your chimney cleared and swept so you can cosy up in-front of the fire.

Candles, both real and fake – Many people won’t have fireplace or a wood burner, but candles will tick a lot of the same boxes. The obvious difference is that candles won’t physically heat a room (unless you have little to no regard for fire safety!). Candles will, however, provide that same nostalgic sense of warmth and tranquillity. Scented candles can also help to create a calm and intimate atmosphere and will lift the mood on cold nights.

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Roger van der Mattan is home products and design director at contemporary furniture and home accessories company 4 Living

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