5 Traditional Christmas Gift Ideas

Gifts For Christmas Keeping With Tradition

Christmas is getting closer and it is time to start planning for the decorations and gifts. If you want to make this Christmas a holiday full of traditions then it is a good idea to stock up on eggnog and get the turkey carvings ready.

Here are also five very traditional Christmas gift ideas that work well every year.

1. Luxurious Chocolate

Chocolate is among the favourite festive sweets and as the season gets closer the supermarkets are starting to fill up on different kinds of chocolate packages.

There is everything to be found from selection boxes to luxurious handmade pieces.

Chocolate is a nice traditional gift and the great thing about it is that you can even make it yourself. There are a lot of great chocolate recipes online to guarantee your gift is a little bit special.

2. Jewellery

Jewellery is also a very traditional Christmas gift idea from necklaces to women and cufflinks and tobacco cases for men. There are a lot of great jewellery ideas even for the younger members of the family and it is a very nice and traditional idea.

You can now also opt for more personalised jewellery from either getting engravings to your pieces or even adding initials and names for the jewellery.

3. Calendar For Next Year

Christmas is the time when we start looking for the new year ahead and thus calendars have long been a favourite traditional Christmas gift. You can find calendars about dogs, cats and boy bands and there is surely something for everyone.

You could also think about crafting your own calendar that would already include all the important dates for the family and could be filled with family photos. This is a nice gift for grandparents as well as parents.

4. A Christmas Hamper

Christmas hamper is another really traditional Christmas gift and there are so many variations on it. You can surely find Christmas hampers to suit all kinds of tastes from something to get to a cheese lover or a sweet tooth.

Christmas hamper is a great gift idea also because it will always be something practical and the different drinks and foods will surely disappear quickly during this season of indulging. It works well as a corporate gift or something to give for neighbours and family members.

5. Mulled Wine

There is no Christmas without some hot mulled wine and it is a lovely traditional gift for wine lovers. BBC Good Food suggests giving a great homemade mulled wine kit as a gift and this is a really nice idea.

Mulled wine has a long history of warming out winter nights during the holiday season and the good thing is that you can find alcohol and non-alcoholic versions to let the whole family enjoy this drink.

Traditional gifts aren’t at all a bad idea during Christmas. The above suggestions have shown that traditional gifts often come with a lot of thought and if you make them yourself they are even more special. So don’t be afraid to sticking with traditions this season.

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Rebecca loves to learn about traditions behind different world festivities. She is always trying to stick to traditions and loves to read more about the history behind these traditions. She is also passionate about quality wine.

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