Get Your Kids (and You) Off The Couch And Outside

Sometimes having a lazy day is necessary, but if you’re not careful, one lazy day can set the tone for the next few weeks or months. While being lazy may be relaxing, it’s not good for your health. Regular exercise is important in order to maintain a healthy weight and keep your body working properly.

Although you may be comfortable on the couch, get yourself and your family outside to enjoy some of the following activities.

Take a walk.

Chances are there are plenty of places in your neighborhood you haven’t explored, so get the family outside and enjoy a nice walk around your neighborhood. Take some time to look at the different houses in the area, check out some new local parks, or find some hidden gems you never noticed before. Walking can be a great form of exercise, and it can also be a great bonding time for your entire family.

Go for a bike ride.

You can take walking to an entirely new level by going for a bike ride as a family. Again, you can check out new places in the area that you’ve never seen before, or you can even explore nearby towns too. Riding a bike can be a great form of exercise, and it can be a great way to get from one place to the next without having to take a car. And once again, you and the family can bond while bike riding through the neighborhood.

Play some sports.

When the weather is nice, head outside and play some sports together as a family. You can head out to the driveway and play a fun game of basketball, or you can head out to the yard and play football, baseball or soccer. If you have parks or open fields nearby, you can get other friends and family members involved and play a larger and more competitive game. Just be sure to make a friendly wager—such as loser does the dishes—in order to make the game more exciting.

Take on some new outdoor activities.

There are plenty of outdoor activities you and your family can enjoy that also allows you to exercise. You can take on photography and take walks as a family while also taking pictures. You can also take on gardening, as the constant moving, carrying new plants and flowers, and upkeep will be a great workout.

You could also allow your kids to take on some small outdoor jobs and assist them when they need help. For example, your children can pick up dog poop for neighbors, mow lawns or even water gardens. These activities require your child to be active while also teaching them discipline and hard work.

Try your hand at geocaching.

One new way to get your family outside and active is to try geocaching. Geocaching is like a scavenger hunt you can play with anyone in the world. Your family uses a GPS system in order to find a dedicated item, and once you find the item, you sign the digital logbook and move on to the next item. Sometimes locating these items will require you to hike, ride a bike or even run, and this can be a great way to get some exercise and have fun in the process.

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