5 Ways To Battle The Winter Blues

Although the day has started to get longer again and we get more sunlight it does still feel quite dark at times. With the weather also being quite cold and wet it is really easy to start feeling a little down during the long winter months. To help you fight the winter blues here are five things to try in order to feel better.

1. Get Enough Sunlight

The key for combatting the winter blues is by making sure you are getting enough sunlight. So as soon as you can see a glimmer of the sun you should go outside for a walk and really enjoy the weather.

Naturally, it might seem hard to see the sun with the rain pouring down your window. If this is the case then different forms of light therapy might be worth a try. You can even purchase special light lamps for your own home and the prices aren’t too bad anymore.

2. Shop New Winter Clothes

It is also easy to start feeling depressed and annoyed if you are constantly getting cold or wet. Thus having proper winter clothing can boost your spirits. So head down to the stores and purchase some new winter clothes to get yourself sorted.

It’s a good idea to go with some brighter colours as well. Colours can have a big influence on our mood and thus by wearing energetic bright colours you can instantly feel a bit better.

3. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy foods will guarantee you get all the necessary vitamins and thus your body is always full of energy. It is really easy to start eating unhealthy foods if you are feeling depressed but it is necessary to try and avoid this.

Make sure you get plenty of berries and fruit in your diet. Look for new exciting recipes to make cooking just a bit more fun. This way you want to start cooking healthy homemade meals for the family.

4. Organise A Party

Having your friends gather over some good food and wine is just the perfect way of feeling better. Having an occasional party can really help put a smile on your face again. Just serve up some simple homemade foods and a few bottles of good wine and you are good to go. You could also light up the dark night by having some fantastic indoor fireworks at the party.

You can also ask your friends if they could all provide some food or drink for the party. This way you don’t end up paying for it all and thus don’t need to spend a fortune in order to have fun.

5. Read A Good Book

Books are a great way to learn about new things and travel across the world. You can really get lost into a good book and therefore can forget about your everyday worries.

Warm summer books can be an especially good pick during winter. Check out this Independent’s Book Guide for the best winter reads, for instance. It has 50 great books to consider in order to get rid off your winter blues.

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Suzanna likes to look for new ways to survive the dark winter months. She loves summer herself and therefore wants to help others that don’t like the long cold winter. She is a big fan of music and books and thinks they are just the perfect escape.

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