2013 Holidays Gift Ideas For Her

Metal Detecting Can Be Fun and Rewarding Form of Exercise

Diamonds are a popular Holiday gift idea for women and have been for many years. But, you can help your wife, mother, daughter, sister, grandma, or friend find her own diamonds and more for years and years to come by giving her a metal detector this 2013 holiday season. It is a hobby that she has probably thought about before but never took the initiative to get started with on her own.

The perfect Gift Idea!

What better gift idea than a new hobby that she would enjoy. Get her outdoors and moving. The hobby encourages light to moderate excercis and is a fun outdoor activity. It is a little known fact that while metal detectors aren’t specifically designed to find diamonds, they are well equipped to find gold nuggets; and diamonds are known to be one of several stones found in gold producing areas. They are known as indicator stones and are commonly found in areas where gold nuggets are found naturally occuring.

What woman would not be thrilled to find a diamond or gemstone?

She can also find her own diamonds (and other types of gemstones) when her new metal detector locates lost jewelry pieces. Again, the metal detector locates the precious metal the jewelry piece is made of and the diamonds come along as a bonus! In addition, diamonds have been found by metal detectors when they’ve been stored in a container with metal on it as well; think wooden treasure chest with metal fasteners, or a jar with a metal lid for example.

Of course diamonds aren’t the only thing she’ll find when you give her a metal detector this Holiday season. She’s sure to find a variety of other types of treasures with her metal detector too including money, antique buttons and glass jars, metal toys, and other types of relics like these. Or, she may even find a meteorite from outer space!

To help you find the right metal detector to give to the lucky lady on your 2013 Holiday shopping list, we’ve compiled our picks for the Top 10 Metal Detectors for Women.

Here are some of the best picks for the top metal detectors for 2013:

  1. Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 Metal Detector ($139.99)
  2. Fisher F2 Metal Detector ($199)
  3. Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector ($297.45)
  4. Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector ($299.95)
  5. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector ($594.95)
  6. Fisher F70 Metal Detector ($649.00)
  7. Garrett GTI 2500 Pro Package Metal Detector ($934.95)
  8. Makro Coin Finder Metal Detector ($1,020)
  9. XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector ($1,899)
  10. Garrett ATX Metal Detector ($2,120.75)

Some final thoughts and ideas

You can learn even more by reading the article entitled “Which metal detector is best for you?” in the top metal detectors for sale section at MetalDetector.com in their online learning library. You’ll find a lot of information here including features to look for and how to find the right machine for your budget. Then you’ll be ready to choose the right metal detector to give her this 2013 Holiday season that will help her find her own diamonds, and a whole lot more for many years to come.

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