Glastonbury Improves Facilities for Disabled Music Lovers


Disabled festival-goers who braved the rain and mud to be at the 2014 Glastonbury Music Festival have praised the event organisers for the facilities provided for the disabled and those with hearing impairments. Glastonbury has been working for the last

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Mobility aids – Stand Up for Your Rights

Did you see Mary’s Silver Service on Channel 4 the other night? This showed Mary Portas helping a group of elderly people get back to work. Though it had its amusing moments the programme did have a serious message –

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European Court to decide whether obesity is a disability

Later this week the European Court of Justice (ECJ) will rule whether obesity is a disability in its own right. Up to now, only conditions associated with obesity – not obesity in its own right – have been considered disabilities.

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Survey – Less of a Stigma in Using Mobility Aids

A survey by a leading stairlift comparison website suggests that 2/3rds of people don’t feel any sense of shame associated with using a mobility aid. The results, published last week, show differing attitudes to different mobility aids. 350 people who

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5 Ways To Battle The Winter Blues

Although the day has started to get longer again and we get more sunlight it does still feel quite dark at times. With the weather also being quite cold and wet it is really easy to start feeling a little

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Coming To Terms With The Fact Your Parent Might Need Care

Coming To Terms With The Fact Your Parent Might Need Care Unfortunately, it can often take an accident of some kind to highlight just how much your elderly parent now needs help. Whether this involves an accident in their home

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Research – What The Modern Man Really Wants

He dyes his hair, can do more things at the same time and talks to his mother over the phone several times a week. Forget about the stereotypes that say that only women can do multiple things at the same

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When Did Shopping Become So High Tech?

Image by Nemo Whether you’re shopping online or in the high street, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ve experienced EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) software when making a purchase. Buying something no longer has to involve a till –

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5 Ways To Beat The Chill And Warm Up Your Interior This Winter

At this time of year we traditionally spend more of our time indoors, so it’s important to create a cosy and inviting interior. By making small changes to our home environment, we can create the perfect haven to relax in

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3 Steps To Shopping For A Defribrillator Online

Despite the fact that many people are making healthy lifestyle changes, SCA, or sudden cardiac arrest, still kills about 300,000 Americans annually. What’s more, not everyone afflicted is old; several thousand victims are actually children. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen

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