Too Much Junk Mail ? 3 Tips on Busting That Junk

While some people are happy to get news about promotions and new products or services through the mail, others find receiving a lot of marketing material through the post very annoying. The amount of junk mail sent out has diminished

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Mobility aids – Stand Up for Your Rights

Did you see Mary’s Silver Service on Channel 4 the other night? This showed Mary Portas helping a group of elderly people get back to work. Though it had its amusing moments the programme did have a serious message –

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European Court to decide whether obesity is a disability

Later this week the European Court of Justice (ECJ) will rule whether obesity is a disability in its own right. Up to now, only conditions associated with obesity – not obesity in its own right – have been considered disabilities.

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The Rise and Rise of The Silver Surfer

Elderly Couple Surfing The Internet

You may have heard of the term “Silver Surfer”, and if you’re reading this article, the chances are that you might be one. The epithet does not refer to the comic book character that spawned a film a few years

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Nelson Mandela Tribute To A Great Man

Tenacious and Brave Mr Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela achieved so much in what could be argued in a short space of time. Born 5th December 2013 Mandela studied law at Johannesburg University where he became involved in anti colonial politics. He was repeatedly arrested for activities

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The way they wore

Shereen Low looks at the changing fashions of our lives.

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“The Contented Retirement” – answers to post-retirement crisis!

Stephen McAdam’s debut publication, The Contented Retirement, is written for those who face the challenge of a changing lifestyle after a busy working life. It introduces many pleasurable mind pastimes to be intelligently occupied.

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Great British wheels

The glory days of the motor industry…

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“Prison was a cleansing experience”

Once the golden boy of the
Tory Cabinet…

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Faking by numbers

Though faking and wilful deception involve only a minority of the antique trade, there are undoubtedly some very resourceful operators whose practices would fill a book. Of the many faces of faking one of the most common is what I

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