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  • Too Much Junk Mail ? 3 Tips on Busting That Junk

    While some people are happy to get news about promotions and new products or services through the mail, others find receiving a lot of marketing material through the post very annoying. The amount of junk mail sent out has diminished

  • Driving When Older

    older driver with possible issues

    There is no legal upper age limit for driving, as some people will be fit and happy to drive for many more years than others. The important thing to remember is that it is entirely the responsibility of the driver

  • Glastonbury Improves Facilities for Disabled Music Lovers


    Disabled festival-goers who braved the rain and mud to be at the 2014 Glastonbury Music Festival have praised the event organisers for the facilities provided for the disabled and those with hearing impairments. Glastonbury has been working for the last

  • Mobility aids – Stand Up for Your Rights

    Did you see Mary’s Silver Service on Channel 4 the other night? This showed Mary Portas helping a group of elderly people get back to work. Though it had its amusing moments the programme did have a serious message –

  • European Court to decide whether obesity is a disability

    Later this week the European Court of Justice (ECJ) will rule whether obesity is a disability in its own right. Up to now, only conditions associated with obesity – not obesity in its own right – have been considered disabilities.